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Handstand "Creating Balance" Beginner Program

Handstand "Creating Balance" Beginner Program

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Often, out of great respect, people avoid the handstand – but often without a justified reason. What looks like a difficult circus trick on the outside, is in reality a movement that is absolutely learnable with the right instructions. Step by step you will approach the free standing Handstand in this online course and learn about what really matters.


If you want to learn the handstand, there is no way around training the body in many ways: strengthening the body’s core, body awareness and balance, overcoming mental blockages, risk management and fall school, confidence and improving mobility, especially overhead. There is no prefabricated way: many variations allow individual progress and problem solving – there will always be possibilities to make the exercises easier or more difficult. At the end of the course you will have received enough tools to practice independently and sustainably by your self.

Each week, in addition to the practical exercises, there is a short video lecture in which theoretical background knowledge is conveyed. You will also be provided with sufficient strength and flexibility exercises – we attach great importance to good preparation.

This course is a collaboration between Ludwig Hefele & Nil Teisner



• “Follow along” warm-up routine
• specific warming up and activation for the handstand
• Skill training (balance and entry/exit)
• specific strength and mobility
• Learning how to fall and partner exercises


Week 1: “Anatomy of the Online Course”
Week 2: “The role of the hands in handstands”
Week 3: “The role of the shoulders in handstands”
Week 4: “The role of the torso in handstand”
Week 5: “All together now – an analysis”
Week 6: “Continuation and additional tips”

Program Features

• neatly organized PDF for easy use
• Dynamic and modular Practice structure for 6-12 weeks (+continuation) for 2-4 sessions a 45-90 minutes per week
• Handstand-Theory Lectures
• High Quality Video Breakdowns of all moves and material
• lifetime access to all contents and material
• step by step approach to all Techniques, Sequences, Conditioning Exercises, Warmup - Online learning done right!


How long do I have access to the material and program?
-> You can keep the Program forever.

Are the videos downloadable?
-> All videos are uploaded as not-listed to YouTube, downloading is possible but not recommended.

Are these follow-along type classes?
-> This program offers great and in depth breakdown videos as well as follow-along style classes.

What experience do I need for this program?
-> No experience needed at all. You will be introduced to all necessary tools. Still, you will learn plenty as an experienced mover as well!

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