• Satya Almasian; Movement Lover, Part time Snow Leopard and Computer Scientist

    "Wonderful coach and a great inspiration. I did all Finding Flow online courses with him, which I enjoyed very much. He makes complex moves easy to follow and understand and has such a great and positive energy that is almost contagious."

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  • CP aka Denester; Parkour Practitioner and Coach, Founder of Project Diveroll

    "Nil's Falling and Rising program is an absolute must-have! It's filled to the brim with interesting content and information. As a Parkour coach, I found some of the partner games really interesting and can't wait to try it. Learn from the real deal!"

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  • Enrico Lugato; Movement Practitioner and Coach

    "Nil's Finding Flow - Mentorship program is a heterogeneus, challenging, inspiring but also extremely practical journey in his way of conceiving Movement and its different expressions.
    The material proposed by Nil is extremely valuable and well explained, full of variations and suggestions, and it's sustained by rich, customized feedbacks he gives you in the most generous and honest way."

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