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Nil Teisner

Finding Flow "Basics" Program

Finding Flow "Basics" Program

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Finding Flow "Basics" Program

In this online course, you will learn the basics of my Finding Flow concept. No previous experience in acrobatics/gymnastics/dance is required. If you are new to the world of 'Movement', start here.

In this program we will work on elements close to the ground, which can serve as transitions between individual movements – for example rolls in all directions. In addition, body perception and strength/stability of the body are challenged and trained. Elements from acrobatics, such as Macaco or the cartwheel present you with a mental challenge that must be overcome through practice. At the end of each session, all the movements learned are combined and sequenced, which is ultimately intended to create a “flow state” with practice – the mind remains silent, the body takes over.

Besides new movement patterns and tricks, you also learn to control your body and work on suppleness and elegance.




- Warm-up exercises and warm-up routine for acrobatics
- Coordination and proprioception tasks: “Pivoting” and “Book Balance"
- Introduction to Floor Transitions and Rolls
- Introduction to Locomotion/Crawling
- Introduction to “Soft Acrobatics” (Cartwheels, Macaco, Armswipe, ..)
- Sequences in which learned content is combined into small flows
- Specific strength and mobility training for acrobatics


- Dynamic and modular Practice structure for 6-12 weeks (+continuation) for 2-4 sessions a 45-90 minutes per week
- Written Practice Reflections: "About Practicing" and "Diving into the Floor"

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What students are saying

"Wonderful coach and a great inspiration. I did all Finding Flow online courses with him, which I enjoyed very much. He makes complex moves easy to follow and understand and has such a great and positive energy that is almost contagious." – Satya

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