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Falling and Rising Online Program

Falling and Rising Online Program

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Craft essential falling and rolling skills, learn how to overcome fear, build trust in yourself and engage in a versatile movement practice via this online program.



Falling and Rising is a full length and highly detailed PDF format online program which aims to equip students with tools to approach fear in a safe way and contains many falling skills and techniques which can be applied in various disciplines and falling situations. Through this practice injuries can be reduced and confidence and trust gained. You will be challenged with fun and interesting games where you can test your skills and you will learn how to break complex patterns down into their pieces. All of the material is presented in a scalable way to ensure an optimal and stress-free journey through this experience. The material is presented in high quality video classes and written articles.

If you are involved in more chaotic practices where falling can happen easily, this program can be of great value to you. If you often feel timid and fearful, if you wish to be more grounded in your body and confident in your abilities, you will find many great tools here. And if you simply enjoy moving yourself in a variety of ways, if you love to learn something new and if you feel intrigued, this program has it all!

This program is available in two versions:

Full Version: For Trainers, Teachers, Therapists interested in helping students/patients overcome fear and guiding them towards a well rounded movement practice, for practitioners interested in diving deep and studying in depth.

Including 13 Classes (over 5hrs of material) and an extra in depth article about self beliefs by Flynn Disney.

Light Version: For practitioners interested in learning how to fall, this version contains only the most relevant skills and techniques.

Including 6 Classes (over 3hrs of material)


• What is falling and how can we practice it?
• The Fear of Falling, ways into trust
• The Role of the Breath, learn to focus and to regulate arousal
• About Beliefs and how they influence us (Full Version)
• Moving in, across and out of the floor
• All about rolls, learn how to smoothly redirect momentum
• Basic application in Handstands, Acrobatics and Parkour (Full Version)
• Plenty of Partnergames to challenge your skills (Full Version)
• Balance, Reactivity and Spatial Awareness Practice (Full Version)
• Conditioning and preparing the body
• Practical Ideas to confront fears

Program Features

• well designed, nicely structured 47 page PDF
• high quality prerecorded video classes
• in depth articles and theoretical background
• practice tips
• material that can be studied and unraveled for many months to come
• lifetime access to all contents and material
• step by step approach to all Techniques, Sequences, Conditioning Exercises, Warmup - Online learning done right!

Disclaimer: if you are looking for an Acrobatic program, please look at my Finding Flow Programs.


How long do I have access to the material and program?
-> You can keep the Program forever.

Are the videos downloadable?
-> All videos are uploaded as not-listed to YouTube, downloading is possible but not recommended.

Are these follow-along type classes?
-> This program offers great and in depth breakdown videos as well as follow-along style classes.

What experience do I need for this program?
-> No experience needed at all. You will be introduced to all necessary tools. Still, you will learn plenty as an experienced mover as well!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Elliott
Unexpected benefits

I've been working through the program material for a couple of weeks and have been really surprised by how the falling practice has improved my fluidity in floorwork and other activities like surfing and climbing. Kinda helps me realize how much controlled falling is involved in other movements. Great stuff!

Flynn Disney

"What I like about Nil’s course is that he favours “explorations” over “exercises”. This better represents the uncertainty innate in falling. I think that the real problem of falling is not solved by learning the techniques of rolling. It’s only by adapting to situations that are unpredictable that we learn how to handle ourselves. This is where Nil’s experience as an in-person teacher shines through. His use of partner work micro-doses falling, creating fun and spontaneous learning. By expertly layering different kinds of practices together, Nil’s course gives far more than simple technical training. Instead, you can expect a deep reboot of how you relate to hard surfaces."

Chen Koh
Thumbs Up, Nil!

Nil's Falling and Rising program is an absolute must-have! It's filled to the brim with interesting content and information. As a Parkour coach, I found some of the partner games really interesting and can't wait to try it. Nil's unique approaches to 'Falling' as a fun, trainable skill is definitely something any sportsperson (parkour, gymnastics, martial arts, any movement sport!) can benefit from. Also had the honour of guiding Nil through some more advanced dive roll techniques and it is a pleasure to witness his utilisation of falling techniques to break his fear. Learn from the real deal!

Thomas Vogg
An ode to falling and rolling

I love rolling on the floor, for me it brings joy, play, makes the ground your friend, lets you feel like a Panda. I used to train Aikido for some years where I fell in love with this ability. As well after this phase, I still roll for at least 10 Minutes in every movement session with more or less intensity. It is a good way to massage the body and to take care of getting older and train falling.

I love Nil's courses and the spirit in all of them. So I celebrated the release of this one with extra cheering! This course is for beginners as well for the already falling and rolling people and gives you a lot of impulses and much inspiration- wherever you stand.