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Nil Teisner

Finding Flow "Integrations" Program

Finding Flow "Integrations" Program

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Finding Flow "Integrations" Program

In the second part of the Finding Flow course series you will learn a continuation of “Soft Acrobatics” as well as sequencing different movements. We will also look at how to perform movements more effortlessly and how to integrate more flow into the practice. This course is aimed at graduates of the “Basics” course as well as movers who already have a base layer understanding of acrobatics (nothing fancy).


During the six weeks we will learn five new acrobatic patterns and variations of them: “The Jaguars” (advanced cartwheel variations), “Sideroll and Swirlroll”, “Butterfly Kick”. We will also explore how to move fluidly, efficiently and effortlessly from the floor to standing and back again. Different concepts will be introduced that will lead to more flow and creativity in these levels. However, the focus of this course is on sequencing individual movements, i.e. creating “phrases”. Many ways of finding transitions between movements will be presented. In addition, participants will be given the task of developing their own sequences from the presented set of movements, thus gaining a sense of momentum, movement flow and movement options.

By the end of this course you will have developed a versatile movement vocabulary that can greatly enrich a creative movement practice.



- Warm-up exercises and warm-up routine for acrobatics
- “Continuity Studies” – What makes up fluidity in movement?
- Continuation of soft acrobatics (“The Jaguars”, “Sideroll”, “Butterfly Kick”)
- Over 20 mini sequences consisting of at least 2 movements
- Video analysis of different elements
- Specific strength and mobility training for acrobatics



- Dynamic and modular Practice structure for 6-12 weeks (+continuation) for 2-4 sessions a 45-90 minutes per week
- Written Practice Reflections: "Integrations" and "About Efficiency"

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What students are saying

"Wonderful coach and a great inspiration. I did all Finding Flow online courses with him, which I enjoyed very much. He makes complex moves easy to follow and understand and has such a great and positive energy that is almost contagious." – Satya

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