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Know Thy Body "Supple Spine" Mini Program

Know Thy Body "Supple Spine" Mini Program

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If your spine or back is often tense, or if you are generally looking for a little more suppleness in your torso, this mini program could be a great choice.



This mini program is perfect for beginners. On 12 pages you will learn how to smoothen your spine, to control individual areas and to increase the feeling in your spine. If you are often affected by tenseness, this program can help you. The exercises are ideally suited to integrate them into your everyday life. So you can always do something in between for a loose and supple spine.

In addition to new patterns for your spine, you will also learn to control your body and work on flexibility and elegance.


Practical Part:

• “Get To Know Your Spine” – Feel your Spine and isolate different parts of it
• Spinal Waves
• Easy Bridge Rotations with a Wall
• Beginner floor rolling variations

Theoretical Part:

• Why you should practice moving your spine
• Template program for your own practice
• Anatomy of your spine, theoretical knowledge

Program Features

• neatly designed PDF for easy use
• Dynamic and modular Practice structure for 2-4 sessions a 15-45 minutes per week
• Tips to include practice into daily life
• lifetime access to all contents and material
• step by step approach to all Techniques, Sequences, Conditioning Exercises, Warmup - Online learning done right!


How long do I have access to the material and program?
-> You can keep the Program forever.

Are the videos downloadable?
-> All videos are uploaded as not-listed to YouTube, downloading is possible but not recommended.

Are these follow-along type classes?
-> This program offers great and in depth breakdown videos as well as follow-along style classes.

What experience do I need for this program?
-> No experience needed at all. You will be introduced to all necessary tools.

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