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"Pancakes for Breakfast" Mobility Program

"Pancakes for Breakfast" Mobility Program

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The 6 weeks Pancake & Hip Mobility Online Course is suited for everyone who is interested in learning how to get mobile hips. The focus will lie on the Pancake Stretch (Legs apart - upper body to floor) and the Kossack Squat. You do not need to have any prior knowledge and experience, this one is really suited for beginners. But also as an experienced practitioner you can get heaps out of this program.



Each week you will receive a new set of tasks, challenges and lectures on Mobility, Videotutorials and a structure that can be followed throughout the week. Of course there will be variations of all exercises – all Levels welcome.

In addition to the practical exercises, each week there is a short video lecture in which theoretical background knowledge is conveyed. This ranges from intro to Mobility, Ballistic Stretching, Contract Relax Method and more. All the theoretical knowledge is directly applied to practice then.

Since this program is already very old I have updated some views on Mobility etc. Still: this program does the job. Get it now for a super reduced price.



• Warm Up Exercises
• The Kossack Squat and How to Train it
• The Standing Pancake (forward fold)
• The Sitting Pancake
• Additional Exercises


Week 1: “What is Mobility?”
Week 2: “Contract Relax Stretching”
Week 3: “Active Flexibility”
Week 4: “Progressive Loaded Stretching”
Week 5: “Ballistic Stretching”
Week 6: “A long lasting Mobility Practice”

Program Features

• neatly organized PDF for easy use
• dynamic and modular Practice structure for 6-12 weeks (+continuation) for 2-4 sessions a 30-45 minutes per week
• Mobility-Theory Lectures
• high Quality Video Material
• lifetime access to all contents and material
• step by step approach to all Techniques, Sequences, Conditioning Exercises, Warmup - Online learning done right!


How long do I have access to the material and program?
-> You can keep the Program forever.

Are the videos downloadable?
-> All videos are uploaded as not-listed to YouTube, downloading is possible but not recommended.

Are these follow-along type classes?
-> No, the programs offer great and in depth breakdown videos but not in follow-along style.

What experience do I need for this program?
-> No experience needed! Start right away. You will be introduced to all necessary tools!

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Customer Reviews

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Flo W.
Delicious recipe

Since nature hasn't really provided me with hypermobile hips, I've tried this program to make them a little more flexible. And what can I say, it contains really good ingredients that, when mixed together, promise pretty good results. Nil gives excellent tips on which details to pay attention to and which tools are best for working on your mobility. Really tasty, not only for breakfast!