Over the last years I have organized and published a lot of content in form of online courses. Although I prefer face-to-face work, I see great added value in online work. As I see a lot of online offers on a daily basis (from bad to excellent), it is important to me to clearly formulate what can be expected from my online work and where its limits are.

  • Online Learning

    • learn at own pace, whenever you want to

    • re-do as many times as you wish

    • pre-designed program structure, simply follow

    • step by step approach, fully explained and detailed

  • In Person Learning

    • immediate feedback

    • energy of group/teacher part of experience

    • usually more individualized

  • Finding Flow

    Introduction to Soft Acrobatics, Floorpractice, Movement Sequences and dynamic, freeform movement. Suited for beginners and advanced practitioners.

    Find Your Flow! 
  • Know Thy Body

    Introduction to general Mobility, Helath Practices, Bodily Awareness. If you wish to start a Movement Practice or receive tools for everyday "Movement Snack", start here.

    Supple and Strong! 
  • Creating Balance

    Introduction to the Handstand. Tools for building a joyful practice. Skill-, Strength- and Mobilitywork, Overcoming the Fear of Falling and theoretical lectures.

    Change Perspective! 

It's about your goals and values

In the end you need to be clear on what you want. Do you want to join a community, receive instant feedback and specifically work on your personal goals or do you wish to study for yourself, take the time you need for that and develop skills on your own terms?

Generally speaking, I would always propose to take in person classes/workshops on top of online learning. Nothing substitutes real connection!

Get in contact if you are not sure