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Where to start?

If you are new to the world of Flow, Acrobatics and Floormovement I recommend starting with "The Basics" program. Here you will learn the fundamentals in a structured yet explorative way.

If you are more interested in sequencing (linking moves together to form little "flows") and have some experience in this type of practice, I recommend the "Integrations" program. In this one we look especially at many different ways to transition from one element to the next in a continuous fashion.

Next steps

For practitioners experienced in basic acrobatics, floormovements and sequencing I recommend diving into my intermediate programs: "Acro Continuation" and "Refinement". These ones break down technically advanced moves like Helicoptero, Au Reversao and such.

Finding Flow Mentorship Program

Have you completed all the programs already and wish to dive deeper OR are you interested in a longer term process of studying with direct coaching and individual feedback? If so, download the free info PDF for my Finding Flow Mentorship program and see if this sparks joy..

Info PDF Download
  • I can highly recommend joining a course with Nil. He is really clear, structured and has a lot of knowledge which he shares generously. Both as a beginner and as an advanced you can gain huge profit from his programs which have a huge range of influences. – Luise

  • Wonderful coach and a great inspiration. I did all Finding Flow online courses with him, which I enjoyed very much. He makes complex moves easy to follow and understand and has such a great and positive energy that is almost contagious. – Satya


Is there a discount if I buy multiple Programs? Are there bundles?

I offer two various bundles: Finding Flow Basic Bundle ("Basics" & "Integrations" for 300€ instead of 400€) and Finding Flow Full Bundle (All programs for 600€ instead of 800€). To purchase the bundles, select any of the programs and scroll down.

I have no experience with acrobatic elements, I am not a gymnast or dancer - are the programs suitable?

Yes! In the Basics course, a playful insight into my Finding Flow concept is given. The material can be adapted to different levels. The Integrations course is also beginner friendly but best done after the Basics. The Continuation and Refinement courses are suitable for experienced students.

How often should I practice?

I recommend to practice 2-3 times a week for about 45-90 minutes. Additionally you can repeat the warm-up exercises or other isolated parts daily.

Are there follow along classes?

No. The programs come with detailed and high quality videos but not in a follow along style. The material will be fully explained and there is a structure with which you can practice.

What will I learn in the program?

In the programs you will be shown movement patterns that will allow you to communicate with the floor in a playful way. Your body awareness will also improve. By the end of the course you will have received many tools that will enable you to practice independently.

Can I move after the programs as seen in your videos?

Of course your progress depends on several factors: your previous experience, your commitment and your body awareness. You can definitely expect to reach a new level of suppleness and learn plenty of fune skills. Until you can really move fluidly and efficiently in this style, it takes time and requires continuous practice.

Do I need special equipment for the program?

You need a small area to practice – at least 3×3 meters. I recommend practicing on either thin mats or grass. Hard floor like wood or smooth concrete is great as well.

Can I ask you for tips/help if I don't get along?

If you are part of the Finding Flow Mentorship Program or an Online student in my Online Support, you definitely can send videos and receive personal feedback. If you simply purchase an online program, you can ask questions if something is unclear but there is not option for coaching/feedback.